Theatre and Comedy

Richard III


Apollo Theatre, West End


This event is not currently available
Richard III

A real-life monarch on a bloodthirsty quest for power

Easily one of Shakespeare’s most charismatic villains, though monstrous and homicidal, Richard Duke of Gloucester is absolutely determined that he should wear the crown of England. With a cunning agenda, he manipulates the court, betrays nearly anyone who crosses his path, and murders those who stand in his way. Basically someone we’d like to avoid at all costs. It’s a hypocritical journey to the top, but then again, what politician’s isn’t these days? ‘…when Rylance does finally unleash his fury, the effect is like a cobra discharging its venom…’ - The Guardian. Best available Stalls seating. Please note tickets will be within the same area, but you may not be sat directly together.

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