Rubber Duckie: Party + Cultural Extravaganza

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Rubber Duckie: Party + Cultural Extravaganza

An evening of global food, drinks, dancing and discovery

Rubber Duckie is a party and late night cultural extravaganza, based on the true story of a wayward shipping container and 28,000 rubber duck bath toys lost at sea. Roaming the globe since the 1990s, the ducks have washed up everywhere on shores from Alaska to Ghana. Follow the duckies on their global journey as Culture Stories takes you around the world to explore global consumer cultures in a truly immersive experience and party. They'll be taking over the Museum of Brands for one night only. Have you ever wanted to dance the Samba into a West African photo studio? Or to drink a Bollywood-inspired martini while chatting with an anthropologist about death in Japan? yes? Then go with the flow and prepare to be transported around the world like a rubber duckie on the high seas. Program includes: - A time travel tunnel duck hunt - A Brazilian "silent-disco-carnival-quiz-night" with immersive theatre company ZU-UK - Global snacks and drinks, from wasabi popcorn to insect candy - Scent + taste talks by curated cakes and odette toilette - Anthropologists on the loose: exploring cultural consumption in Lahore + Haida hip-hop - A Cameroonian inspired selfie-studio - Music and dancing - Full access to the museum collection - Complimentary welcome drink!

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