Rumpus Festival

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MS Stubnitz, Docklands


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Rumpus Festival

The closest thing to Burning Man on this side of the pond

Imagine the world has fallen to the dreaded apocalypse. Plagued by deadly Skurvy, the only surviving bastion of order resides on the MS Stubnitz. Aboard the boat of hope, The Professor (just keep going with it) is desperately searching for a cure…something he refers to as Vitamin Beats. As humanity fades into oblivion, you’re one of the remaining survivors. Now all aboard Rumpus, where mermaids may be good or evil, The Professor will use you as human guinea pigs for his breakthrough remedies, and where you get to decide what kind of passenger you are. Have you smuggled aboard infected with Skurvy? Are you a member of the crew? Are you a sea creature ready to take righteous hold of what’s now yours? Delve into the (possibly made-up) world as 20,000 Creatures Under The Sea commences. With three rooms, the top deck, installations, tons of bands, and things like the ‘decontamination chamber’ and a ‘tentacles workshop’, who knows what kinds of mischief you’ll get up to. ‘Weirdly wonderful, this place is like a scaled down version of Secret Garden or Shangri La.’ - Spoonfed. General admission, normally £25 per ticket. You will be charged £12.50 per ticket, which can be bought in pairs only (2 for the price of 1). Over 18s only. You must be aboard by 3.30pm. Fancy dress encouraged.

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