Screening: Side By Side


Frontline Club, Paddington


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Screening: Side By Side

Celebrities + experts explain the huge transition happening in cinema right now

"Here is a geekily precise specialist documentary presented by Keanu Reeves, interviewing a range of film-makers including David Lynch and Martin Scorsese, on the relentless march of digital technology."

- The Guardian
How has all this new technology changed the way films are made? This is the entire focus of this in-depth documentary exploring today’s cinema world. Star-studded throughout, it features contributions from the likes of James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and Lena Dunham among many others. Produced by Keanu Reeves (proving there is more to him than the Matrix), you'll dissect the pros and cons of technology and how traditional and digital can happily coexist. It's a cinema snob's dream. General admission.

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