Screening: The Palace


Frontline Club, Paddington


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Screening: The Palace

Go in depth into Poland’s rich cultural history

There are loads of things that the Poles still resent Soviet Russia for. Not the least of which is Stalin’s most despised gift to the country, The Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. After communism fell, some suggested ripping the monstrosity down, but instead it’s still standing today and is as big a nuisance as ever. Home to a theatre, concert hall, cinema, swimming pool, hundreds of offices and a viewing deck, director Tomasz Wolski takes you on a beautiful cinematic journey through a day in the life of the building. What you end up getting is the Canon Cinematography Award winner at Planete+ Doc Film Festival and a nice reflection on Polish life and its very rich history. Preceding the screening, Urszula Chowaniec (who has a Ph.D. in Polish literature and culture) will give you a cultural introduction and inside knowledge on the background of the building. General admission. Please arrive on time.

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