Shadow Over Southwark: A Real World adventure!

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Bacon's Community Sports Centre


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Shadow Over Southwark: A Real World adventure!

Save the city as sinister shapes slither from the shadows

The shadows are threatening to steal our world - unless you, and the other ladies and gentlemen of the Lumos Society, can crack the clues, locate the hidden codes, and close the gateways. You don't have to run, but you probably will when you see what's following you. Horrors have already slipped into our dimension, and their mere presence can drain your sanity. Outwit them, outrun them, or hide from them, and hope that their lack of eyes means that they can't see you... Competition among adventurers is intense, and the Society maintains a real-time leaderboard. Can your team of heroes crack the clues, escape the shambling horrors, and still have time for tea? Over 16 only. Wear shoes that are easy to move in and bring a torch!

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