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Show Me The Money London


G Bar at the Grosvenor Piccadilly, Leicester Sqaure


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Show Me The Money London

The next Mark Zuckerberg? Get your money right first

Like the famous words spoken to Tom Cruise in the film Jerry Maguire, “Show me the money!” is a phrase we are all familiar with. Startups want to know how to raise funding, what are the sources, how much equity do they have to give away, and what should they be looking for in their investors beyond hard cash. Statistics reveal that 90% of startups close down in the first year alone due to the lack of funding. This triggers a constant battle to stay afloat and generate income for oneself. With advancement of the net and various public and private initiatives, there are actually quite a few ways startups can raise that crucial funding to get off the ground. TechMeetups is bringing you a workshop to cover various ways that you as a startup can raise that important initial funding to get your business off the ground.

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