Skyfall Screening


Century Club, Soho


This event is not currently available
Skyfall Screening

The West End Film Club is swanky + you’re in

Find your way to Century’s discreet doorway and you’ll find yourself in one of Soho’s best-kept secrets. With four floors of artistic multi-purpose use, you’re in for more than just a standard film and popcorn evening. A variety of bars (yeah, multiple bars, whatttt?), multimedia events rooms, a restaurant, and the speakeasy vibe will set the tone for any evening. Bonus: you’ll get exclusive access to the members only area with your YPlan ticket price. On the reel tonight is the latest chapter in Britain’s Bond empire. The identities of every active undercover MI6 agent lie in the hands of a super villain while Bond faces an emotional crisis after a failed mission in Istanbul. Complete with the usual hand of Bond entities, you’ll get it all – the beautiful girls, the car chases, and danger abroad. ‘…a Bond movie that boldly struts forward while looking back over its shoulder to the past.’ - Time Out. General admission. Over 18s only please.

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