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Spaced Festival 2014: An Interactive Theatre Souk

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Theatre Delicatessen - old, Marylebone


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Spaced Festival 2014: An Interactive Theatre Souk

Enter a dystopian marketplace of theatrical performance

"Extraordinary odyssey through modern drama."

- Remote Goat (on Theatre Souk)
Spaced 2014 challenges both artists and audiences to explore the value of performance financially, socially, and psychologically. Whut? Well, first you'll enter the cavernous basement of the ex-BBC London building, where a total of 15 different theatre companies have taken over; then you'll witness an array of outlandish no-holds-barred experiences, and haggle their worth. Perhaps you'll stumble upon naked women covered in cake, find yourself lost in a pitch-black room, gamble or just drink…either way, sounds like a lovely time to us. General admission. Bring along some extra cash for the performances you'll discover (generally £1 or £2 each, if you've enjoyed the experience).

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