Spoken Word At King's Place: Sunspots

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Kings Place, King's Cross


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Spoken Word At King's Place: Sunspots

Exploring the film through music, poetry and film

Sunspots is a poetic, musical, and visual journey from the birth of the Sun, through its long and eventful life, towards its ultimate death. Simon Barraclough (Poet in Residence at the Mullard Space Science Laboratory) is your guide to the Sun in this exciting new multimedia performance that fuses science and art. To celebrate the International Year of Light, Simon is taking the show on the road to theatres and festivals all over England. Simon spent the last two years researching and thinking about the Sun. He has spoken with solar scientists, astronomers and astrophysicists in his quest to find out what makes our neighbourhood star tick. The result of his research was a poetry collection, also entitled Sunspots. This show uses words, film and songs that vary in style from the infectiously poppy to the broodingly intense. He and his collaborators have created an exciting and moving experience that reinvigorates and reimagines our neighbourhood star.

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