Survival Of The Fittest: 5K Urban Obstacle Course At Night


Wembley Park, Wembley


This event is not currently available
Survival Of The Fittest: 5K Urban Obstacle Course At Night

Fancy a tough obstacle course in the dark?

This race might only be 5 kilometres but damn is it sure to give you a good challenge. Forget the running, this one's all about the obstacles. Packing all the best barricades, blocks and barriers in, this short, sharp and intense 5K course kicks off at 5pm after the 10km race is finished. With obstacles named Your Ass Is Grass, Drunken Monkey and Crouching Sandbag Hidden Hernia, you know you're going to have your work cut out on some pretty extreme stuff. Included in the price is a medal and photo for every competitor, a Men's Health goodie bag and loads of other little extras. There's food stalls and a beer tent, so if you were wondering where all the support you brought will be, there's your answer. With live music, DJs and tons of other stuff going on, the race is just the beginning. Reckon you can handle it? Think you can conquer the race? More importantly, are you ready to get really, really mucky? Then get down there and show that course what you're made of. If you fancy a bit of practise before doing it in the dark, Men's Health are also doing a 10K version in the daytime. Saves you coughing up for night-vision goggles, right? Just search for "Survival Of The Fittest: 10K Urban Obstacle Course" on YPlan. Please note, an email will be sent from Men's Health with a registration form within 72 hours after booking. You must bring the signed disclaimer form and photographic identification so organisers know who is taking part in case of emergency. If you arrive on the day and these details do not match the given name you will not be able to register.

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