The 13th Warrior + Main Meal


Roxy Bar & Screen, London Bridge


This event is not currently available
The 13th Warrior + Main Meal

It might be a box office flop...but that's part of its charm

"Actually a well-marbled, albeit derivative, slab of action-movie man meat."

- Village Voice
Antonio Banderas starring in a historical fiction action film? We’re in! Banderas is Ahmad ibn Fadlan, a court poet who is exiled to Northern Barbarians. He ends up getting recruited in a Viking war (among other troubles) and must overcome dangers to prove himself to man and God. It was a commercial failure but more than makes up for it in great sets, sumptuous costume, and copious amounts of Banderas being bad ass. Best available seating. Over 18s only. Your ticket includes a main meal of your choice.

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