Theatre and Comedy

The Arabian Nights


Tricycle Theatre, Kilburn


This event is not currently available
The Arabian Nights

A modern re-imagination of an ancient tale

It’s an old tale written by Mary Zimmerman that you may have been told as a child. To brush your memory up, it’s a story set in Baghdad about a woman starting a revolution through the power of storytelling. Adapted from 'The Book Of The Thousand Nights And One Night', the King has taken bloody vengeance against the women of his city for 3 years, marrying a new bride every night, then killing her at dawn. Determined to stop the bloodshed using her wit & imagination, the King’s newest bride weaves a tale of seduction, silliness & suspense. How long will her story be able to save her? ‘…from first to last it’s eloquent about the importance of stories – their power to excite, entice and preserve.’ – Evening Standard. General admission. Not suitable for under 10s.

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