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The Boy Who Kicked Pigs


Jacksons Lane Theatre, Highgate


This event is not currently available
The Boy Who Kicked Pigs

The London premiere from the Tom Baker adapted novel

If Dr Who, ahem Tom Baker, pens a dark comedy, you read it. Plain and simple. And if Tom Baker grants your theatre company the exclusive rights to adapt said cult novel, you humbly agree and make it damn well worth seeing. Thankfully for us, Kill The Beast has done just that. As part of The Lowry’s ‘Developed With’ programme, this grotesque farce follows 13-year-old Robert Caligari who has a rather nasty habit of kicking pigs, until today, when he will die. Attempting to poison his sister, plotting the downfall of mankind, abusing animals (fictional ones people, don’t get crazy), the gruesome tale also features talking piggy banks, shark mutilation, and a nasty weedkiller cornflake scenario. We reckon it’s high time karma got its vengeance. ‘Possibly the most well-delivered moment of black humour I have ever seen on stage.’ - The Public Reviews. Seating allocated upon arrival. Over 14s only. Please be aware that this performance contains strong language and adult content.

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