The Card Shark Show

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The Royal Institution, Mayfair


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The Card Shark Show

Get bamboozled by some mind-boggling tricks

"And what a joy it is to see the master at work. Famed for his sleight of hand, Truglia explains the evolution of cardistry from the toolbox of the gambling cheat to the close-up table of the magician."

- GQ Magazine
Easily one of the top-tier card sharks in the UK, Steve Truglia learned deceit and deception during his time in the SAS. Using film, images, music, and live camera action, you’ll be able to see the magic up-close-and-personal, making it all that more amazing when you can’t figure out even one of his stunts. One of only 300 people to hold the prestigious title of Associate of the Inner Magic Circle (AIMC), he’ll go over card cheating’s colourful history and stump you in the process. Best available seating.

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