The Diplomatic Corpse: Murder Mystery Adventure


Temporary Consulate For The Republic Of Paudaguay, King's Cross


This event is not currently available
The Diplomatic Corpse: Murder Mystery Adventure

Giving Sherlock and Watson a run for their money

If you love yourself a whodunnit and a puzzle or two, then get on this. Especially if you like your mystery with a twist. The Paudaguayan ambassador, Emilio Ninkash, has been murdered – and in a volatile world, who knows if the culprit is a criminal gang or a political coup. As national law dictates, all Paudaguayan citizens can be called on to help solve the crime. Are you in? Come and sharpen your mind at this all-new murder mystery adventure. General admission. Not suitable for children. This event is a team game, with suggested group sizes 3-6, although there are no formal limits. Each team will need a smartphone, and you are advised to wear comfortable footwear.

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