The End Of The World Party - Halloween 2016

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Electric Brixton, Brixton


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The End Of The World Party - Halloween 2016

Party like it’s your last night on earth

The End Of The World Party is about living tonight like it's your last night ever. No holding back. No regrets. Do what you always wanted to do. Be who you always wanted to be and dance until you drop… MUSIC POLICY: It's your last chance to dance, so you choose the music. Post the tracks you want to hear on the event wall. They can be any era, any genre. Pick your ultimate party tunes, no misery The bad news: there is a deadly virus spreading across The World that turns victims into crazed zombies, who then in turn bite non-infected humans turning them into zombies who then bite more non-infected humans turning them into more zombies. A team of specialist virus-zombie scientists have predicted that by the end of October it will have reached the UK, calculating that the last place on the planet to be infected will be Electric Brixton on Friday 28 October. The good news: there isn't any. So while the rest of the world freaks out and cries and stuff, we're going to gather together all the people we love, lock ourselves in Electric Brixton, get smashed and party for as long as we can until these virus spreading mutant zombie's break in and kill us all. Which they will. It's only a matter of time. DRESS CODE: It’s Halloween people, you know the deal. If you're stuck for ideas our crack team of specialist virus-zombie scientists have suggested dressing as a zombie, so a real zombie thinks you’re already infected and doesn't eat your face off. Or come as a badass zombie hunter ready to kick their ass. But it is the end of the world after all so it’s probably best to look incredible. Nobody wants to die looking like trash. Over 18s only. Valid ID required.

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