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The Gap In The Light By Award-Winning Engineer Theatre Collective

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New Diorama Theatre, Regent's Park


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The Gap In The Light By Award-Winning Engineer Theatre Collective

A striking, physical piece of theatre, exploring what it is to be truly afraid

Darkness. Head torch flickers. She descends the rope. Inch by inch, practiced and efficient. A sound. Stop. She’s suspended in black. What’s there? Head torch on full beam… Nothing. It’s in her head. Silent, she continues her descent. The sound again. Closer. Head torch flickers off. She calls to her climbing partner. No answer. She hangs. Alone. Engulfed in the abyss. Two climbers make a journey, deep into somewhere they don’t belong. What they encounter in the dark feels real. What they bring back with them, into the light, will change everything. As we grapple with a changing world – divisive politics, unstoppable temperature rises, never ending wars - Engineer Theatre Collective explore what it is to be truly afraid. Blending striking physical storytelling with visceral design, The Gap in the Light traces the nightmares that disturb the sleep of our modern world. How far do we have to fall, and who will catch us when the rope snaps? ★★★★ 'Intelligent production with fine performances and its finger on the pulse' (The Stage on RUN) ★★★★ ‘The writing here is terrific...The cast is excellent, their pacing expert and consistently funny...insightful theatre’ (The Skinny on RUN) This production is supported by Arts Council England and the New Diorama Emerging Companies Fund. This show is suitable for 14+. The theatre does not allow latecomers, so please make sure you arrive on time.

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