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The Ladykillers


Vaudeville Theatre, Strand


This event is not currently available
The Ladykillers

This irresistible dark comedy comes to the West End

"The new cast is terrific. A hugely entertaining show set to be a big West End hit all over again."

- The Daily Telegraph
The Ladykillers is a rip-roaring farce, following the sweet but strict Mrs Wilberforce and the gang of criminals (disguised as musicians) she rents her home to. When she gets wind of the heist they’ve planned, there’s only one way they can keep her schtum. But aided by her squawking parrot, General Gordon, who will really get their comeuppance? This black comedy is a firm favourite, helped along by writing from Father Ted's Graham Linehan and an all-star cast including The Fast Show’s Simon Day and The Royle Family’s Ralf Little. Dress circle seating.

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