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Twonkey's Christmas In The Jungle

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Museum Of Comedy, Bloomsbury


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Twonkey's Christmas In The Jungle

"Dark demented comedy."

His conniving manager Toe Peak Pines has sent Twonkey over Christmas to the Iquitos Fringe deep in the Hallucinogenic Peruvian jungle, in the hope he will never come back. Twonkey is impatient to have Christmas the way he wants it and Chris Hutchinson his long-suffering weak Lion is sent on a dangerous quest to find the chicken church. The troubled Duck Sandy finds himself in a pickle after a spot of glass eating reveals a mysterious family tradition. Once the cogs of fate start to turn all is not as it seems and soon Toe Peak Pines finds himself running Pings Pinny; a bakers in old Shanghai and meanwhile Twonkey and crew will soon be flying high. Imagine if Malcolm McLaren had directed an episode of Rupert the Bear, hell bent on making it a nihilistic curiosity set in a haunted theme park and you’re somewhere close. Over 16s only. Valid ID required.

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