Under The Rain


Pleasance Theatre, Market Estate


This event is not currently available
Under The Rain

A unique piece of theatre

We are waiting for the future, we are living in the present and we think about the past. In our life we all have hopes, dreams, targets and we are expecting to achieve all of them. However the past follows us. Memories come and go. Sometimes they come when we are not expecting them. You start from where you left off. But you are still there waiting. Under the Rain is a biographical animation by Polyxeni Vasileiou. Using storytelling, music and stop motion technique, the drawings take on a life of their own. It is a perfect aperitif for those attending Sleeping Beauty by Compagnie Akselere (France) at 7.30pm in the Pleasance Theatre. There will also be a free performance of Ancestry by Ailsa Dalling in the foyer from 3-7pm. Ailsa is a fledgling independent theatre maker from Newcastle, with her home-made Crankie shadow theatre show, which brings to life the poem Ancestry by Julia Darling. Warnings: All suspense events are for adult audiences.

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