Upcoming Exhibition: Fuente Amarga


Lacey Contemporary Gallery, Notting Hill


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Upcoming Exhibition: Fuente Amarga

A new solo exhibition from the Spanish artist

Lacey Contemporary presents a solo exhibition featuring work by Hermione Pakenham The Fuente Amarga series was created in the artist's response to the dry river bed in the South of Spain on which Hermione have been living for the past year. The paintings use a titanium buff as a base echoing the dusty, arid ground and colour is used sparingly and purposefully, to force the viewer to see beyond the surface; to take time in the looking. Interested in the importance of place – how place becomes the people we love and lose, as well as a ground for mapping our own stories and identities, Hermione uses layers and building of images to recreate the process of time - how we patchwork ourselves and our lives in fragments. Every painting begins with both an image or a set of "possible shapes called likeness" and a feeling – a light within a light, the loss of self and the everyday.

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