Vault Festival 2016: Best Served Cold

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The Vaults, Launcelot Street, Waterloo


This event is not currently available
Vault Festival 2016: Best Served Cold

The Angry Young Man is back, but it’s the 21st century

London’s biggest arts festival is returning: make your way underground for six weeks of creativity, innovation and chaos at Vault Festival. With more than 100 different shows spread across eight incredible venues, you're not going to find anything else like it above or below ground any time soon. Attractive Angry Young Man, 5-19yrs old, desperately seeks absolution for a terrible act. 6ft plus, medium-build, into video games. Won’t put up with rejection. Call me. Allow us to introduce you to the most ordinary young man. This Young Man likes parties, he likes video games, and he likes team sport. He is a nice guy. He is a funny guy. He believes in love. He is the kind of guy you want around. In fact, he can handle absolutely anything, just try him. Except rejection. Best Served Cold is a play about loneliness, anger and masculinity in the 21st century. An Angry Young Man hurtles backwards through time, seeking to understand what led him to a place where all the doors are closed. Show takes place in the Locker space. Running time is approximately 1 hour.

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