Village At The End Of The World


Riverside Studios, Hammersmith


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Village At The End Of The World

A heart-warming saga from the deep-frozen Far North

Lars is the only teenager in Niaqornat, a remote village in Greenland with more dogs that people. In a community of hunters, he doesn't want to hunt, but what else is there? This is Sarah Gavron's (Brick Lane) first foray into documentary, a film that gives beautiful insight into a tiny village that didn’t even have electricity until 1988. Focusing on the inhabitants such as Karl the Hunter who refuses to acknowledge Lars as his son; Ilannguaq the Outsider; and Annie the Elder who was schooled in the ways of the Shamen, the film depicts the challenges facing rural communities and the uncertainties surrounding their economic future. A fragile world with hearty inhabitants, the film has earned rave reviews worldwide. '..affectionate [and] engaging' - Hollywood Reporter.

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