Warm Bodies IMAX Screening

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Science Museum, South Kensington


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Warm Bodies IMAX Screening

Watch the new zombie romcom five days before its official release

We always wondered if zombies had feelings too. Now we know. Adapted from the young adult novel with a quasi-cult following by Isaac Marion, the film is said to be a loyal rendition of the silly undead horror-romcom. Told through the eyes of R the undead, he unexpectedly saves Julie (the living) from a zombie attack, and for some reason vows to protect her. Without giving too much away, let’s just say the relationship might change their worlds forever. Think of it like a modern day/undead zombie-filled version of Romeo and Juliet…with a lot more brain eating going on. The best part about this screening is that you’ll be five days ahead of the crowd, since the official release date in the UK isn’t until February 8th. Be the first to see and laugh along with this new Jonathan Levine-directed box office hit. ‘Warm Bodies paints a dead zone’s slow awakening with gloomy giddiness, brimming with visual humour.’ - The Hollywood Reporter. General admission. We advise arriving early.

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