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World Chessboxing Grand Prix

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Scala, King's Cross


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World Chessboxing Grand Prix

A sporting hybrid unlike any you’ve ever seen

Who says you can’t have both brains and brawn? It started out as a joke in an Amsterdam art gallery in 2003, but has since flourished into a fully-fledged sporting event. A simple concept really – play 4 minutes of chess, followed by 2 minutes of boxing. The one who reigns victorious does so either by knockout or checkmate. The Grand Prix season opener features the long awaited return of Matt ‘Crazy Arms’ Read, a middleweight bout between Bryan Woon (Singapore) and Tim ‘CSI’ Bendfeldt (Germany), and other house favourites like Chris ‘The General’ Levy, Andy Taylor, Frank Lee, Mark ‘The Hammer’ Pilkington, and Andy ‘The Rock’ Costello, plus two debuts from Jorge Crespo (Ecuador) and Steve ‘The Devonian Devil’ Philp. And don’t forget about the legendary afterparty DJs and special guest cabaret. It’s a jam-packed night with a punch (apologies, pun intended). ‘I suppose when your rook and queen are forked and your head is spinning from a particularly brutal uppercut, it takes a special kind of inspiration to conjure a winning gambit.’ - London Evening Standard. General admission.

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