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YPlan's £1 Cocktail Special

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Porky's (all locations)


This event is not currently available
YPlan's £1 Cocktail Special

Just one quid for a glass of the good stuff

Hey YPlanner, looks like you've got an amazing night lined up. Fancy a bevvy before the event? Well aren't you lucky, cos we've got a cocktail with your name on it…for £1. No strings. Simply tap below and get yourself to Porky's. We'll see you there. And be sure to keep your eye on the app for our next £1 drink specials. We reckon you deserve a treat so are taking the hit ourselves on this discount. Please note: the reduced price does not reflect the quality of the event or the awesome people we work with. We're just feeling a little flush right now. Over 18s only. Limited to one Porky's Iced Tea or Sons Of Alchemy cocktail per YPlan account. Available between 5pm-8pm. The bar reserves the right to refuse service.

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