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Access To Sold Out Event: Sushi + Dumpling 101

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Taste Buds Kitchen, Chelsea


This event is not currently available
Access To Sold Out Event: Sushi + Dumpling 101

Learn Asian culinary techniques with some BYOB fun

Fancy yourself a master in the kitchen? Well, can you roll sushi like a skilled Japanese chef? How about make dumplings like a dim-sum pro? If the answer’s no, looks like you still need some schooling. Enter the culinary experts at Taste Buds Kitchen who are willing to share a few tricks of the trade. You’ll learn how to properly season sushi rice, make scrumptious veggie dumplings, and become a skilled sushi roller in this fun and interactive class. Oh, and don’t forget your BYOB privileges. Crucial. General admission. Over 21s only.

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