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Cowboys Don't Sing


The Players Theatre, Greenwich Village


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Cowboys Don't Sing

A hilarious riff on the Western genre

"Composer T.J. Alcala's physicality as the Cowboy is spot-on; from his bow-legged stance to the set of his shoulders, he managed the right blend of macho and laconic with that spark of vulnerability necessary to any good hero."

- NY Theatre
Cowboys Don’t Sing is more or less what it sounds like. The plot revolves around a brooding, Clint Eastwood type who isn’t so jazzed about belting it out. There’s self-proclaimed terrible singing (you be the judge), violence, and racism in this homage-parody of the Western genre. Don't worry, it's less serious than it sounds. More impressive than the Fringe Fest sold out shows? The fact that a few Fordham students dreamt up the whole she-bang. Good stuff. Best available seating allocated by the venue on arrival.

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