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Go Foraging With The Wildman


Forest Park, Flushing


This event is not currently available
Go Foraging With The Wildman

Unlock the goodness of nature’s larder

"Brill leads an excursion through the park with his trademark deadpan sense of humor, all the while pointing out this plant and that. Don’t be surprised if he jumps aside to wrestle some wild garlic out of the ground."

- Linnea Covington,
There’s a lotta natural goodies lurking in Forest Park. Herbs, plants, and mushrooms that can make a good dish great. The trick is knowing which ones to gather, and which to avoid at all costs. If anyone’s got the knowledge it’s naturalist and author Steve Brill. Join the world-famous forager for a rummage around the woods. From wild roots to mugwort, if it’s tasty or medicinal, it goes into the pot. Bring plastic bags for vegetables and herbs, paper bags for mushrooms, plastic containers for berries, drinking water, and a pen. Dress code: no sandals. Please call 914.835.2153 the night before to confirm your reservation and to make sure it hasn't been rained off.

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