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Go To Sleep, Goddamnit

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The Tank, Midtown/Theater District


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Go To Sleep, Goddamnit

A thought-provoking theatre production

"It was a fluid, playful, contained piece, with a rich aesthetic, which seemed to come from a confident and experienced company... The narrative was told through well-developed physical storytelling..."

- Female Arts
And then you have theatre โ€“ one of the most exciting nights out for any New Yorker. The range and originality on offer make the little island of Manhattan the mecca for all theatre faithfuls. Tonight's recommendation is the story of a small provincial church, which finds itself devoid of churchgoers. The disillusioned priest battles with himself, God, and his pillows as he falls deeper into an existential crisis. Ranging from grotesquely comic to poignant, Go to Sleep, Goddamnit! explores the question: "What does one do when one's purpose has become obsolete?"

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