Immersive Room Escape Experience


Real Escape Rooms, Williamsburg


This event is not currently available
Immersive Room Escape Experience

Solve the puzzles and activate the time machine before the clock runs out

"Video games have drawn inspiration from life for decades. But there is a relatively new type of real world entertainment that does the reverse, providing a way to experience video game-like adventures in a live-action setting."

Trapped in a strange laboratory, your exit is barred by a locked door. A few clues are scattered around the lab, which appears to have been a base for studying time travel. Can you find the key and make your escape or will you drop into the temporal distortion field and never be seen again? This 60-minute quest will see your group faced with fiendish puzzles in an exhilarating race against the clock. Under 13s must be accompanied by an adult. Free admission for children under 6.

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