Special Event

Meet The Developer: iCitizen


Apple Store, SoHo


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Meet The Developer: iCitizen

Learn the ins and outs of mobile's latest and greatest political tool

"Nothing short of extraordinary."

- Politico (on iCitizen)
Since there's now an app for everything, it's only fitting there's one to help us improve our political savvy. iCitizen allows you to participate in the great system of democracy, all from the convenience of your smart phone. Learn up on issues, get to know your reps, and share your views. Want to become an iCitizen pro? Lucky for you, at this special event CEO Rod Massey will take the stage and discuss the ins and outs of this stellar app. Bring your curiosity along because this great-ideas guy will be taking questions from the audience. General admission. This event is free, but entry is guaranteed. We need your card details to store the event information in "My Tickets," but rest assured, we won't charge you a penny.

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