Paradise: Faith


Anthology Film Archives, Lower East Side


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Paradise: Faith

An installment from Ulrich Seidl’s award-winning trilogy

"In the movie’s visual design, every image is part of an austere, perfectly balanced composition. The friction between the look of antiseptic propriety and the characters’ psychological chaos ignites its own religious war within a war."

- The New York Times (on Paradise: Faith)
Chronicling the Christian fervor of a woman named Anna Maria, Paradise: Faith is a film that explores what it really means to bear a heavy cross. The movie won the Special Jury Prize at the 69th Venice International Film Festival and keeps stunning audiences with its provocative subject matter. Using Anna Maria to shed light on the taboo state of religion, the film depicts the more extreme side of piety, particularly between Anna Maria and her estranged Muslim husband. Seidl portrays their relationship as an on-going war of love, faith, and willpower. General admission.

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