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Roasted Masala


Roasted Masala, UWS
Roasted Masala
Roasted Masala, UWS
Roasted Masala

Truly Irresistible Indian

Room 1 — Main Dining Hall

A beautiful restaurant on the Upper West Side, wonderfully decorated, combining warm classy decor with a relaxing atmosphere. The high ceilings with chandeliers make for a venue that's luxurious and grand. The restaurant can accommodate 50 guests seated and 75 standing.

Presenting a modern interpretation of classic dishes and are insistent on only using high quality, fresh ingredients. We cater to all food preferences and we do offer a unique variety of vegan and vegetarian options. At Roasted Masala we are offering more than just food. We combine modern ambiance, incredible customer service, and vibrant flavors when you dine with us. Ultimately we have designed our restaurant to make sure that our recipes resemble our love of cooking and people and that's what Roasted Masala is all about!

Good For:

Birthday Parties

Office Staff Parties

Christmas Parties

Private Dining

Wedding Celebration

Party or Other Event

**Catering Available**

Minimum spend — $40 per person

Capacity - Seated: 50

Capacity - Standing: 75