Saturday Afternoon Movie: North By Northwest


St. Agnes Library, Upper West Side


This event is not currently available
Saturday Afternoon Movie: North By Northwest

Watch the 1959 spy thriller in all its suspenseful glory

North by Northwest is the ultimate Hitchcock classic. Cary Grant? Check. Mistaken identity and red herrings? Check and check. Join other Hitchcock aficionados at the cozy St. Agnes Library for a free viewing of the spy thriller that finds the iconic auteur at his very best. It’s no wonder screenwriter Ernest Lehman said, "I want to do a Hitchcock picture to end all Hitchcock pictures." We think he nailed it. General admission. This event is free and entry is on a first come first served basis, so it can't be guaranteed. We need your card details to store the event information in "My Tickets," but rest assured, we won't charge you a penny.

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