SkeptiCamp NYC: Attendee-Led Science Talks


Baruch College, Gramercy


This event is not currently available
SkeptiCamp NYC: Attendee-Led Science Talks

Share the apple of knowledge with scientific talks

SkeptiCamp is like a science conference, except that its content is provided by the attendees themselves. Anyone can be a presenter, as long as your topic has something to do with science, skepticism, critical thinking, and other notions that appeal to a skeptical crowd. Conventional conferences tend to follow a standard pattern of linear presentation, followed by Q&A. The sessions and presentations given at SkeptiCamp NYC are more like lively discussions, than straight seminars. Perhaps even a few workshops will be sprinkled in. Presenters should try to welcome the bombardment of questions, after their initial introduction to the topic is made. Though, some may still choose to err on the side of convention. So if your in the NYC area, get down, learn a little something, and maybe even lead a discussion of your own, Some presentations deal with adult language and situations. Children are permitted at the discretion of their parents.

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