Social Media Week: Campus Pass


Highline Stages, Chelsea


This event is not currently available
Social Media Week: Campus Pass

Access to the best speakers in tech, masterclasses + exclusive perks

Whether you’re looking to drive business or just want to get up to speed on what trends are buzzing on the horizon, Social Media Week is basically your one stop shop. Founders and wunderkinds from leading startups (think Meetup, Warby Parker, etc.) as well as powerhouses from established institutions (like The New York Times, Harvard, Comedy Central) will sound off on all things tech, and in addition to getting week-long access, you’ll score admission to all Campus exhibitions, two floors of programming, all official events, masterclasses, and perks galore (a free yoga class for starters). You definitely don't wanna miss out on this powerhouse of a week. Campus pass access.

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