World Series Game 5, Monday Night Football + NHL Viewing


Brooklyn Bowl, Williamsburg


This event is not currently available
World Series Game 5, Monday Night Football + NHL Viewing

Multitask with baseball, football + hockey games on ten massive screens

"One of the most incredible places on earth."

- Rolling Stone (on Brooklyn Bowl)
Only thing better than watching game five of The World Series? Watching hockey and football on two other TVs at the same time. With Brooklyn Bowl’s tricked out audiovisual system (HD screens anyone?) you can volley between Monday Night Football, NHL, and of course, The World Series. No matter who you’re pulling for, hanging out here will make for some happy campers. Pro tip: mention "Bowling Special" at the shoe desk and you’ll get 50% off any lane. Score! General admission. Over 21s only. This event is free, but entry is guaranteed. We need your card details to store the event information in "My Tickets," but rest assured, we won't charge you a penny.

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