Special Event

1940s Make Do + Mend


Rokeby Community Centre, Stratford


This event is not currently available
1940s Make Do + Mend

Relive a fashionable era because everything comes back in vogue

Society has learned from its elders over generations, but what with all this new-fangled technology (whoops!) we’ve lost a bit of that connection. The Amazings are hell-bent on a mission to bring this back. And obviously we’re giving ‘em a big high five for doing so. Today you’ll get to relive the creative spirit of the 1940s with shopping, cutting, stitching, altering, and other such period fun. Sprung from utilitarian necessity and the scarcity of supplies due to war, a movement of reusing every little thing dominated the era. Men’s suits became women’s, old trousers became children’s uniforms, dresses from tablecloths…you get the idea. They’ll be reviving these techniques starting with rummaging through some of the lost gems of charity shops all the way through to the completion of your project. Whether you need practical advice, are looking for sartorial secrets, or just longing for the knowledge of old, this is one day dedicated to that creative output. General admission.

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