Just £10 for tickets for An Isolated Case online murder mystery


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Just £10 for tickets for An Isolated Case online murder mystery

Sounds like the victim actually got off lightly in this reality TV-inspired whodunnit


  • 68% off the normal price, with four-six players included on one ticket
  • Your choice of this or one of 26 other online games
  • Everything you need to theme a remote night in, too
  • Perfect for a night in during lockdown

Time Out says

If we were taking part in an experimental reality TV show where our only interaction with other people was text messages with our fellow contestants, kicking the bucket actually sounds like it might be sweet relief. But anyway, this is the (virtual) world you’ll be entering, donning your detective’s hat and finding which one of the house’s residents has gone a bit murdery. And how they did it, to be perfectly honest with you. Surely there are cameras everywhere? Details, details. And those are exactly the things you’ll need to get a handle on to solve the crime and prove what a hero you are. Because you’re a hero, right? Sure you are! 

And of course this particular online murder mystery sounds pretty damn swell but with this voucher you’ll get your pick from 27 games. Each of the downloadable games comes with full instructions, invitations, character booklets and a script or MP3 files for the inspector who will guide you through your chosen game. And if you want to do some remote themed partying? There are ideas, recipe suggestions and printable files to get you in the mood. You can check the games out at www.crime-time.co.uk/downloadable-games/

Need to know:

  • This voucher is valid for a download of one game chosen from those at www.crime-time.co.uk/downloadable-games
  • Each game can include up to 12 players.
  • Redeem your voucher by choosing your game here.
  • Voucher must be redeemed by September 5 2021.
  • If you are having trouble redeeming your code please email offers@timeout.com
  • Computer is required.
  • Some games are over 17s only. Please check restrictions here.
  • This voucher cannot be cancelled, refunded, exchanged or used in conjunction with any other offer.

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