London Clown Festival

There's barely a red nose in sight at the London Clown Festival

London Clown Festival is a festival of physical comedy and Clown-influenced contemporary performance, exploring what Clown is to the modern performer and their audiences. In recent years there has been upsurge in comedy and theatre of performers who have been influenced by the teachings of Lecoq and Gaulier, many of whom have gone on to become celebrated, award-winning artists. However, Clown remains an enigma to the general public who often have little understanding of the form beyond the stereotypical image of the clown as found in circus performance, red nose, big shoes and squirty flower. So much so that Clown now has become a somewhat maligned word and performers are reluctant to identify themselves as Clowns. The influence of Clown is found everywhere once you know what to look for: performers as diverse as Tommy Cooper, Charlie Chaplin, Sacha Baron Cohen, French And Saunders and Rowan Atkinson are among those that use clowning in their performances. London Clown Festival have curated an exciting, inspiring and eclectic mix of current performers who embody the principals of this timeless art form. In doing so, they hope to share the joy and exhilaration of Clown with a wide breadth of audiences both young and old. Helping to alter the image of Clown in the public consciousness. The London Clown Festival will be hosted at London's newest Arts Hub, The Omnitorium at Manor House. Programme of events: Friday 10 July: - Tatterdemalion by Flabbergast Theatre (runtime: 1 hour) Saturday 11 July: - Airplane by Infinite Experience (runtime: 30 minutes) - Viva!!! by Teatro Pomodoro (runtime: 30 minutes) - Expect Fireworks by Little Soldier (runtime: 30 minutes) - Trapped by Inda Pereda (runtime: 50 minutes) - Love Sick by All In Theatre (runtime: 1 hour) - O No! by Jamie Wood (runtime: 1 hour) Sunday 12 July: - In The Gut by Les Femmes Ridicule (runtime: 1 hour) - Que Sera by Louise Reay (runtime: 1 hour) - That's Not Funny by A Ship Of Fools (runtime: 1 hour) - Please Serve Yourself by Plague Of Idiots (runtime: 1 hour) - Ken Do: Success For Losers by OfTheJackel (runtime: 1 hour) - Human Person by Zach Zucker (runtime: 1 hour) Monday 13 July: - Gender Neutral Concubine Pirate by Mawaan Rizran (runtime: 1 hour) - Skrimshanks by Flabbergast Theatre and OfTheJackel (runtime: 1 hour) - The Story of the Nervous Man by Honky Bonk (runtime: 1 hour) Tuesday 14 July: - Surprise Event by Lucy Hopkins (runtime: 1 hour) Wednesday 15 July: - Crack In Progress by Lucy Pearman (runtime: 30 minutes) - Where's John's Porridge Bowl? by Marny Godden (runtime: 1 hour) - Who Are Tu by Madam Senorita (runtime: 1 hour) Thursday 16 July: - Brickhead: Yeah, Yeah, Yeah by Brickhead (runtime: 1 hour) - The Establishment by Dan Lees and Neil Frost (runtime: 1 hour) Friday 17 July: - Brainchild by Dan Lees (runtime: 1 hour) - The Herbert In Eggy Bagel by Spencer Jones (runtime: 1 hour) Saturday 18 July: - Trampoline by Ben Target (runtime: 1 hour) - Jody Kamali Is The Incredible Man Of Mystery (runtime: 1 hour) - Entrenched by Aron De Casmaker (runtime: 1 hour) - Come With Me by Helen Duff (runtime: 1 hour) Sunday 19 July: - Stuff by Sean Kempton (runtime: 1 hour) - Kickmouse Mysterium by Jon Hicks (runtime: 45 minutes) - Just Married by The Squasciò (runtime: 30 minutes) - Naive Dance Masterclass by Matt Rudkin (runtime: 30 minutes) - Basha by Kimberley Twiner (runtime: 1 hour)


Omnitorium, Manor House

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