Family Film

Pop Up Screens Cinema In The Snow: Hook


20th Century Theatre, Notting Hill


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Pop Up Screens Cinema In The Snow: Hook

Robin Williams' takes a grown up Peter Pan back to Neverland

"Big, splashy, energetic, one-size-fits-all Hollywood entertainment."

- Washington Post
The odds for a white Christmas in London have dramatically increased thanks to Pop Up Screens. Head to Notting Hill's 20th Century Theatre and step through their magic wardrobe to discover a secret cinema surrounded by snow. Rumour has it that a bar filled with an abundance of mulled wine, hot chocolate, brownies and popcorn also lies within. Only one way to find out right? Not quite a Christmas film, but a family classic nonetheless, Hook tells the story of a grown-up Peter Pan (Robin Williams) returning to Neverland in order to save his children, who have been abducted by his old nemesis, Capt. Hook (Dustin Hoffman). Peter must revisit a foggy past in which he abandoned Neverland for family life, leaving Tinkerbell (Julia Roberts) and the Lost Boys to fend for themselves. Given their bitterness toward Peter for growing up -- and their allegiance to their new leader, Rufio -- the old gang may not be happy to see him. Certificate: U. Runtime: 2 hours 24 minutes. Doors open at 12:00pm. Film starts at 1:00pm. Seating is unallocated, but the screen is on a stage so it's hard to get a bad view.

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