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Return Of The Xylophone


Wac Arts, Belsize Park


This event is not currently available
Return Of The Xylophone

Triangles, bananas filled with beans and the xylophone – remember those?

Triangles, plastic bananas filled with beans and the classic xylophone – music room cupboards were pretty great. So much so a classroom instruments workshop was called for! They have a lot of love for multi-percussionist Jo May here at Antidote, who’s teaching experience stretches from Senegal to folk festivals, with djembe drums to playing the spoons. And as they also have a lot of love for all those weird and wonderful instruments hidden in the back of the music cupboard, this session is all about picking up a little tune from where you left off in school with some sweet tuition from Jo. You can expect a fair amount of playful noise culminating in a classroom instrument jam. Tone deaf very welcome. Antidote London is not responsible for injuries or damages resulting from participation in any activities or the use of equipment or facilities during any Antidote London event. Antidote London events are for adults only. We reserve the right at all times to turn away or refuse entrance to anyone acting what we consider to be inappropriately for our events or those who are under 18.

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