Happy Hour

Geek Week Geeks vs Nerds Trivia Happy Hour


Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, NoLita


This event is not currently available
Geek Week Geeks vs Nerds Trivia Happy Hour

Celebrate Geek Week with the ultimate comedy quiz

Geeks vs Nerds? Hang on, aren’t they the same thing? Uh-uh. Completely different entities. The geeks are geekier for a start, while the nerds are nerdier. For a clearer definition, plus a shedload of fun, get along to Housing Works Bookstore Cafe. That’s where hosts Raj and Kevin will be pitting Geeks against Nerds as they definitively resolve who’s who and whose trivia knowledge is best of all. This event is free and entry is on a first come first served basis, so it can't be guaranteed. We need your card details to store the event information in your profile, but rest assured, we won't charge you a penny.

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